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  Kevin Wang a83b2c7466 feat(site): update URL 1 year ago
  Kevin Wang b5dc6c4175 feat(site): fix typo 1 year ago
  xizhao fb085a844e Merge branch 'master' of 1 year ago
  xizhao 276badcc88 feat(site): update faq 1 year ago
  Kevin Wang 51ab97af49 Merge pull request #12 from Cliabhach/patch-1 1 year ago
  Philip Cohn-Cort 161012aed8 Typo: ense => License 1 year ago
  xizhao e6f0b73ac5 doc(license): add public domain grant 2 years ago
  xizhao 511efd0ec2 chore(license): remove old license files and add public domain grant 2 years ago
  Kevin Wang f44ab36083 Merge pull request #7 from jadbox/patch-1 2 years ago
  Jonathan Dunlap 9b89e0338a Typo: It => Is 2 years ago
  xizhao 636b3fc0c3 doc(readme): update readme with FAQ link 2 years ago
  xizhao 04d992884f fix(site): minor nits and typos 2 years ago
  xizhao 205228c5a0 feat(site): add image meta 2 years ago
  Kevin Wang 64b6d2643b Merge pull request #6 from fossas/feat/update-faq 2 years ago
  xizhao c8a431e919 feat(site): update FAQ 2 years ago
  xizhao 109bd6fb9d feat(page): update with FAQ 2 years ago
  xizhao 720d196382 build(deploy): update deploy script 2 years ago
  xizhao 2f53cee3ae doc(readme): update CC 2 years ago
  xizhao 0f6026766c doc(license): update to 1.0 2 years ago
  xizhao 6e9575101d fix(doc): update CC 2 years ago
  xizhao 07984b84ea chore(www): cleanup CNAME file 2 years ago
  xizhao aa2c269aa2 build(www): move CNAME file 2 years ago
  xizhao 58e349cf7d build(app): add deploy script 2 years ago
  xizhao 9615584b10 feat(www): add cname file 2 years ago
  xizhao 8b3dfedc20 feat(site): add p spacing 2 years ago
  xizhao b82a79feac doc(readme): add website 2 years ago
  xizhao 2ba9bf3326 doc(readme): add readme 2 years ago
  xizhao 8dd7749392 Initial Commit 2 years ago