Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Yawning Angel 47939e66e9 Hopefully fix the package to again work with Go < 1.7. 3 years ago
  Yawning Angel 133ec03705 Add support for using a user-supplied dial function. 3 years ago
  Tommy Murphy f4d3fa52ec spelling: correct comments 4 years ago
  Tommy Murphy 6098c6cdd3 report-uri: new dialer iface & header parser for pin failure reports 4 years ago
  Tommy Murphy edfb70a6c3 dialer: more descriptive constructor funcs 4 years ago
  Tommy Murphy 0d0b51aaef typos: hsts->hpkp 4 years ago
  Tommy Murphy 47e029d8fe initial 4 years ago