Nick Mathewson 05f02f65c4 changes file for 17893 5 years ago
.dummy df76da0f3b Add a .dummy file in the changes directory to stop git from removing it 6 years ago
11150 2247102657 credit tvdw 5 years ago
17004 92c436ccbc Fix warnings. 5 years ago
17075 ac8c5ec67a Clean up compat_libevent tests 5 years ago
17078 4e34ef87a4 changes file for 17078 5 years ago
17082 7bd2247483 changes file for 17082 5 years ago
17084 ac8c5ec67a Clean up compat_libevent tests 5 years ago
bug16382 c1c1c4d057 Refer to the actual minima and the preferred minimum 5 years ago
bug16563 aaa27b995c changes file for #16563 5 years ago
bug16651 5dff4ae0ad Attempt to make openbsd compilation happier with libevent2 installed 5 years ago
bug17026 46e22762fa Keep unused smartlist storage zeroed 5 years ago
bug17027-reject-private-bind-port 10dd592d74 Add changes file for ExitPolicyRejectPrivate outbound and port 5 years ago
bug17194 1cf0d82280 Add SyslogIdentityTag 5 years ago
bug17347 50148dc45d Fix compilation of sandbox.[ch] under musl-libc 5 years ago
bug17544 b71f6d6a47 Fix SipHash-2-4 performance for non multiple of 8 buffers. 5 years ago
bug17549 3e3ec750cd Fix compilation with OpenSSL 1.1.0-dev. 5 years ago
bug17562-DataDirectoryGroupReadable ec4ef68271 Introduce DataDirectoryGroupReadable boolean 5 years ago
bug17562-allow-root-group-read 08c7ceb5df Permit filesystem group to be root 5 years ago
bug17562-defer-unix-socket-creation dcbfe46cd6 Defer creation of Unix socket until after setuid 5 years ago
bug17572-fallback-by-digest 0d5a439292 Mark fallback directoriess as too busy after a 503 response 5 years ago
bug17589 dc0d2b5970 Don't relaunch dir requests recursively if connection_connect() returns -1 5 years ago
bug17632-no-ipv4-no-localhost 86eba14ac5 Fix unit tests on systems without IPv4 or localhost addresses 5 years ago
bug17638-ipv6-ersatz-socketpair 53ec840bdf Make tor_ersatz_socketpair work on IPv6-only systems 5 years ago
bug17675 2cbaf39af4 Add some more ed25519 key files to the seccomp sandbox list 5 years ago
bug17683 7e7188cb00 Assert when the TLS contexts fail to initialize 5 years ago
bug17686 943369f927 Add a changes file for bug 17686 5 years ago
bug17694_strongest 2259de0de7 Always hash crypto_strongest_rand() along with some prng 5 years ago
bug17724 7ff18cc1b6 Avoid relying on malloc internals in test_rend_cache_purge. 5 years ago
bug17753 91ab2ac5aa Assert that memory held by rephist is freed 5 years ago
bug17763 021958934f Consistently ignore multicast in internal reject private exit policies 5 years ago
bug17776 3dcb7320cf Add changes file for 17776 5 years ago
bug17778 d6adb26a49 Add changes file for 17778 5 years ago
bug17791 d6a3b1f019 changes file for bug17791 5 years ago
bug17804 b463773fc3 Add changes file for 17804 5 years ago
bug17818 ff843ed39f Add changes file for 17818 5 years ago
bug17819 33b5bfb948 Don't call pthread_condattr_setclock() unless it exists 5 years ago
bug17827 07cca627ea Fix backtrace compilation on FreeBSD 5 years ago
bug17876 24fcb6adbb Add an edge_about_to_close() call to ap_about_to_close(). 5 years ago
bug17892 511105af9c changes file for 17892 5 years ago
bug17893 05f02f65c4 changes file for 17893 5 years ago
bug4483-multiple-consensus-downloads 35bbf2e4a4 Prop210: Add schedules for simultaneous client consensus downloads 5 years ago
bug6027 85003f4c80 Add a new ipv6=address:orport flag to DirAuthority and FallbackDir 5 years ago
check-crypto-errors b1b8f7982e Check the return value of HMAC in crypto.c and assert on error 5 years ago
cleanup_17587 accb726db6 Remove a little duplicated code in TAP key expansion 5 years ago
decouple_circuit_mark 8b4e5b7ee9 Experimentally decouple the main body of circuit_mark_for_close 5 years ago
decouple_conn_attach b1d56fc589 Decouple ..attach_circuit() from most of its callers. 5 years ago
doc17392 3c08b76fc4 Mention torspec URL in the manpage. 5 years ago
feature13696 353c71516e Add support for getrandom() and getentropy() when available 5 years ago
feature14846 08b1738a18 Add changelog entry for feature #14846 5 years ago
feature15775-fallback 4c1c2a313d Add Fallback Directory Candidate Selection Script 5 years ago
feature17327 1c2366ea43 Authorities on IPv6: minor fixes and unit tests 5 years ago
feature17576-UseDefaultFallbackDirs 080ae03ee4 Add UseDefaultFallbackDirs for hard-coded directory mirrors 5 years ago
feature17608 ba5053b45d Refactor policies_parse_exit_policy_internal 5 years ago
feature17663 7194d3d957 Tweak gtank's sha512 patch a little 5 years ago
feature17863 e2e09a2dbe Warn when comparing against an AF_UNSPEC address in a policy 5 years ago
feature17864 978210d5a8 Wait for busy authorities/fallbacks rather than ignoring excluded nodes 5 years ago
feature8195 405a8d3fb4 Update KeepCapabilities based on comments from asn 5 years ago
feature8961-replaycache-sha256 2e9779e5d8 Use SHA256 in the replaycache, rather than SHA1 5 years ago
first-hop-no-private 45f2e7ec04 fixup! Refuse to make direct connections to private OR addresses 5 years ago
getinfo-private-exitpolicy 10a6390deb Add controller getinfo exit-policy/reject-private 5 years ago
laplace-edge-cases dad5eb7e1f Tweak teor's and dgoulet's #13192 patches. 6 years ago
rand-failure-modes 155fa2dbdb Add unit tests that check for common RNG failure modes 5 years ago
routerset-parse-IPv6-literals c58b3726d6 Allow IPv6 literal addresses in routersets 5 years ago
sha-unit-tests fc264975b1 Unit test the full length of SHA256 and SHA512 digests 5 years ago
test16831 6d8952fae0 Adding changes file. 5 years ago
warn-when-time-goes-backwards cd279ca7f5 Warn when the system clock is set back in time 5 years ago