Roger Dingledine c4d06c2678 clean up grammar on bug20307 changes file 3 years ago
.dummy df76da0f3b Add a .dummy file in the changes directory to stop git from removing it 5 years ago
18146 58172be657 Use the correct spelling for "Dependent" in the control protocol. 3 years ago
20885 810f7c545b Clean up formatting of tor.1 man page and HTML doc 3 years ago
bug19222 70243affe7 changes file for 19222 3 years ago
bug19899 f3da62dbdf changes file for 19899 3 years ago
bug20307 c4d06c2678 clean up grammar on bug20307 changes file 3 years ago
bug20823 991aeeccb1 changes file for 20823 3 years ago
bug20862 c4a6b56cc1 Fix unit test failures in response to DNS hijacking. 3 years ago
bug20974 9d37449fb0 Move entry-guard-is-up notification later into dirguard path. 3 years ago
bug20987 3a3e88dbd4 Fix memory leak when failing to configure hidden services. 3 years ago
bug20996 8a7e5c3ba0 Changes file for 20996 3 years ago
bug21035 aaeb50b2f3 changes file for 21035. 3 years ago
bug21051 2f589e1057 Use event_base_new(), not event_init(), to detect libevent 2. 3 years ago
bug21054 36b5ca2c8b hs: Move and improve the service pruning code 3 years ago
bug21122 ceeaf04d16 Document options that can't be changed while tor is running 3 years ago
bug21123 c83463ef74 Remove a rendundant check for PidFile changes at runtime 3 years ago
fallbacks-201612 53ec087450 Avoid an error in the fallback script when a fallback doesn't have any uptime 3 years ago
geoip-january2017 3833f67dd2 Update geoip and geoip6 to the January 4 2017 database. 3 years ago
ticket19925 8008de81df changes file for 19925 3 years ago
ticket20990 3a0639a64c Add a changes file for ticket 20990 3 years ago
ticket21026 04f21f0322 Remove abort handler from the backtrace generator 3 years ago
ticket21037 6aac6c6bee Make ed25519_fmt() log 0-valued keys more nicely. 3 years ago
ticket21096 99cbadf143 Warn on Tor versions with the 'tor-' prefix 3 years ago