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Bug 20244.6: Overlay checkboxes to use torbutton translations

Arthur Edelstein 3 years ago

+ 1 - 0

@@ -14,6 +14,7 @@ overlay chrome://browser/content/aboutDialog.xul chrome://torbutton/content/abou
 # UI customization
 overlay chrome://browser/content/baseMenuOverlay.xul chrome://torbutton/content/menu-overlay.xul
+overlay about:preferences chrome://torbutton/content/privacy-prefs-overlay.xul
 # Strings for the about:tbupdate page
 override chrome://browser/locale/aboutTBUpdate.dtd chrome://torbutton/locale/aboutTBUpdate.dtd

+ 13 - 0

@@ -0,0 +1,13 @@
+<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
+<!DOCTYPE page SYSTEM "chrome://torbutton/locale/torbutton.dtd">
+<overlay id="privacy-prefs-overlay"
+         xmlns="">
+  <checkbox id="thirdpartyIsolateCB"
+            label="&torbutton.prefs.restrict_thirdparty;"
+            accesskey="&torbutton.prefs.restrict_thirdparty.accesskey;"/>
+  <checkbox id="resistFingerprintingCB"
+            label="&torbutton.prefs.resist_fingerprinting;"
+            accesskey="&torbutton.prefs.resist_fingerprinting.accesskey;"/>

+ 2 - 0

@@ -25,8 +25,10 @@
 <!ENTITY torbutton.cookiedialog.saveAllCookies "Protect New Cookies">
 <!ENTITY torbutton.cookiedialog.doNotSaveAllCookies "Do Not Protect New Cookies">
 <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.restrict_thirdparty "Restrict third party cookies and other tracking data">
+<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.restrict_thirdparty.accesskey "R">
 <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.restrict_thirdparty_tooltip "Keep this box checked to prevent various browser features from being abused to track you as you browse the web. Modified features include blob URLs, broadcast channels, the browser cache, cookies, favicons, HTTP Auth headers, link preconnects, localStorage, mediaSource URLs, OCSP requests, SharedWorkers, and TLS session tickets.">
 <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.resist_fingerprinting "Change details that distinguish you from other Tor Browser users">
+<!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.resist_fingerprinting.accesskey "F">
 <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.resist_fingerprinting_tooltip "Keep this box checked to hide things from websites that could be unique about you, including your battery status, computer performance, keyboard layout, locale, the location of installed plugins, the list of installed plugins, your network status, screen orientation, screen size, site-specific zoom levels, supported file types, system colors, and WebGL capabilities.">
 <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_caption "Security Level">
 <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_caption_tooltip "The Security Slider lets you disable certain browser features that may make your browser more vulnerable to hacking attempts.">