Commit History

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  Kathy Brade 508c0926d0 Bug 17351: Remove "fix_google_srch" code/entities (unused). 4 years ago
  Mike Perry abc61c4bc4 New localized strings from transifex. 7 years ago
  Sukhbir Singh d78f8a5650 Remove the Display Settings panel and associated locales 7 years ago
  Mike Perry d106136867 Update strings for update notification. 7 years ago
  Mike Perry 5c0df1fb78 Move new strings to all locales. 7 years ago
  Mike Perry 8354d3a5aa New strings from transifex. 8 years ago
  Mike Perry 9c1b3d9a19 New strings from transifex. 9 years ago
  Mike Perry 626aa42be5 These look like translations to me! 9 years ago
  Mike Perry cd2508ac7a Update locales for torbutton-alpha from transifex. 9 years ago