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  1. <!--
  2. - Copyright (c) 2015, The Tor Project, Inc.
  3. - See LICENSE for licensing information.
  4. - vim: set sw=2 sts=2 ts=8 et syntax=xml:
  5. -->
  6. <!ENTITY aboutTor.title "About Tor">
  7. <!ENTITY aboutTor.outOfDateTorOn.label "WARNING: this browser is out of date.">
  8. <!ENTITY aboutTor.outOfDateTorOff.label "ALSO, this browser is out of date.">
  9. <!ENTITY aboutTor.outOfDate2.label "Click on the onion and then choose Check for Tor Browser Update.">
  10. <!ENTITY aboutTor.check.label "Test Tor Network Settings">
  11. <!ENTITY aboutTor.success.label "Welcome to Tor Browser">
  12. <!ENTITY aboutTor.success2.label "Connected to the Tor network.">
  13. <!ENTITY aboutTor.success3.label "You are now free to browse the Internet anonymously.">
  14. <!ENTITY aboutTor.failure.label "Something Went Wrong!">
  15. <!ENTITY aboutTor.failure2.label "Tor is not working in this browser.">
  16. <!ENTITY aboutTor.search.label "Search">
  17. <!ENTITY aboutTor.searchDDGPost.link "https://duckduckgo.com">
  18. <!ENTITY aboutTor.torInfo1.label "Additional Info:">
  19. <!ENTITY aboutTor.torInfo2.label "Country &amp; IP Address:">
  20. <!ENTITY aboutTor.torInfo3.label "Exit Node:">
  21. <!ENTITY aboutTor.torInfo4.label "This server does not log any information about visitors.">
  22. <!ENTITY aboutTor.whatnextQuestion.label "What Next?">
  23. <!ENTITY aboutTor.whatnextAnswer.label "Tor is NOT all you need to browse anonymously! You may need to change some of your browsing habits to ensure your identity stays safe.">
  24. <!ENTITY aboutTor.whatnext.label "Tips On Staying Anonymous »">
  25. <!ENTITY aboutTor.whatnext.link "https://www.torproject.org/download/download.html.en#warning">
  26. <!ENTITY aboutTor.torbrowser_user_manual.label "Tor Browser User Manual »">
  27. <!ENTITY aboutTor.torbrowser_user_manual.link "https://tb-manual.torproject.org">
  28. <!ENTITY aboutTor.helpInfo1.label "You Can Help!">
  29. <!ENTITY aboutTor.helpInfo2.label "There are many ways you can help make the Tor Network faster and stronger:">
  30. <!ENTITY aboutTor.helpInfo3.label "Run a Tor Relay Node »">
  31. <!ENTITY aboutTor.helpInfo3.link "https://www.torproject.org/docs/tor-doc-relay.html.en">
  32. <!ENTITY aboutTor.helpInfo4.label "Volunteer Your Services »">
  33. <!ENTITY aboutTor.helpInfo4.link "https://www.torproject.org/getinvolved/volunteer.html.en">
  34. <!ENTITY aboutTor.helpInfo5.label "Make a Donation »">
  35. <!ENTITY aboutTor.helpInfo5.link "https://www.torproject.org/donate/donate.html.en">
  36. <!ENTITY aboutTor.footer.label "The Tor Project is a US 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to the research, development, and education of online anonymity and privacy.">
  37. <!ENTITY aboutTor.learnMore.label "Learn more about The Tor Project »">
  38. <!ENTITY aboutTor.learnMore.link "https://www.torproject.org/about/overview.html.en">