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  1. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.title "Torbutton Preferences">
  2. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.tor_settings "Konfigurimi i Proxy">
  3. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.recommended_settings "Use the recommended proxy settings for my version of Firefox">
  4. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.use_privoxy "Use Privoxy">
  5. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.use_polipo "Use Polipo">
  6. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.custom_settings "Use custom proxy settings">
  7. <!ENTITY "HTTP Proxy:">
  8. <!ENTITY "SSL Proxy:">
  9. <!ENTITY "FTP Proxy:">
  10. <!ENTITY "Gopher Proxy:">
  11. <!ENTITY "SOCKS Host:">
  12. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.proxy.port "Porta:">
  13. <!ENTITY torbutton.about.title "About Torbutton">
  14. <!ENTITY torbutton.about.version "Version:">
  15. <!ENTITY torbutton.about.summary "Protects the privacy of your Tor browsing.">
  16. <!ENTITY torbutton.about.code "Code Contributors:">
  17. <!ENTITY torbutton.about.maintainer "Maintainer:">
  18. <!ENTITY torbutton.about.security_review "Security Review:">
  19. <!ENTITY torbutton.about.donate "If you like using Tor, you might consider">
  20. <!ENTITY torbutton.about.make_donation "making a donation.">
  21. <!ENTITY torbutton.pref_connection.notice "Disable Torbutton to change these settings.">
  22. <!ENTITY torbutton.pref_connection.more_info "More information">
  23. <!ENTITY torbutton.pref_connection_more_info.title "Ndihmë">
  24. <!ENTITY torbutton.pref_connection_more_info.text "Torbutton is currently enabled. If you would like to change your non-Tor proxy settings, please disable Torbutton and return here. If you would like to change your Tor settings, please use the Torbutton preference window.">
  25. <!ENTITY torbutton.context_menu.new_identity "Identitet i Ri">
  26. <!ENTITY torbutton.context_menu.new_identity_key "I">
  27. <!ENTITY torbutton.context_menu.toggle "Toggle Tor status">
  28. <!ENTITY torbutton.context_menu.toggle.key "T">
  29. <!ENTITY torbutton.context_menu.preferences "Preferences...">
  30. <!ENTITY torbutton.context_menu.preferences.key "P">
  31. <!ENTITY torbutton.context_menu.about "About Torbutton...">
  32. <!ENTITY torbutton.context_menu.about.key "A">
  33. <!ENTITY torbutton.context_menu.networksettings "Open Network Settings…">
  34. <!ENTITY torbutton.context_menu.networksettings.key "S">
  35. <!ENTITY torbutton.context_menu.downloadUpdate "Download Tor Browser Bundle Update...">
  36. <!ENTITY torbutton.context_menu.downloadUpdate.key "U">
  37. <!ENTITY torbutton.context_menu.cookieProtections "Cookie Protections">
  38. <!ENTITY torbutton.context_menu.cookieProtections.key "C">
  39. <!ENTITY torbutton.context_menu.copyTor "Copy Tor URL">
  40. <!ENTITY torbutton.context_menu.copyTor.key "p">
  41. <!ENTITY torbutton.context_menu.openTorTab "Open Tor URL in new Tab">
  42. <!ENTITY torbutton.context_menu.openTorTab.key "r">
  43. <!ENTITY torbutton.context_menu.openTorWindow "Open Tor URL in new Window">
  44. <!ENTITY torbutton.context_menu.openTorWindow.key "d">
  45. <!ENTITY torbutton.button.label "Torbutton">
  46. <!ENTITY torbutton.button.tooltip "Click to initialize Torbutton">
  47. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.sec_settings "Security Settings">
  48. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.block_thread "Block history reads during Tor (crucial)">
  49. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.block_thwrite "Block history writes during Tor (recommended)">
  50. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.block_nthread "Block history reads during Non-Tor (optional)">
  51. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.block_nthwrite "Block history writes during Non-Tor (optional)">
  52. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.clear_history "Clear history on Tor toggle (optional)">
  53. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.clear_cache "Block Tor disk cache and clear all cache on Tor toggle">
  54. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.block_cache "Block disk and memory cache access during Tor">
  55. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.cookie_jars "Store Non-Tor cookies in a protected jar">
  56. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.cookie_protection "Use the Cookie Protections Dialog to choose">
  57. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.mmm_cookies "I will manually manage my cookies (dangerous)">
  58. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.clear_cookies "Clear cookies on Tor toggle">
  59. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.disable_plugins "Disable plugins during Tor usage (crucial)">
  60. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.kill_bad_js "Hook dangerous javascript (crucial)">
  61. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.isolate_content "Isolate dynamic content to Tor state (crucial)">
  62. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.no_updates "Disable updates during Tor usage">
  63. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.set_uagent "Set user agent for Tor usage (crucial)">
  64. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.dynamic "Dynamic Content">
  65. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.cookies "Cookies">
  66. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.cache "Cache">
  67. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.history "History">
  68. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.no_search "Disable search suggestions during Tor (recommended)">
  69. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.shutdown "Shutdown">
  70. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.tor_shutdown "Clear Tor cookies during Tor-enabled browser shutdown">
  71. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.all_shutdown "Clear cookies during any browser shutdown">
  72. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.no_shutdown "Do not clear my cookies at shutdown">
  73. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.disable_sessionstore "Disable Session Saving (recommended)">
  74. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.headers "Headers">
  75. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.spoof_english "Spoof US English Browser">
  76. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.refererspoofing "Referer spoofing">
  77. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.spoofblank "Spoof blank referer during Tor usage (may break some sites)">
  78. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.smartspoof "Smart referer spoof during Tor usage (spoofs cross domain referers)">
  79. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.nospoof "No referer spoof during Tor usage (sends referers as normal)">
  80. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.disable_domstorage "Disable DOM Storage during Tor usage (crucial)">
  81. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.forms "Forms">
  82. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.block_tforms "Block password+form saving during Tor (recommended)">
  83. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.block_ntforms "Block password+form saving during Non-Tor (optional)">
  84. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.tor "Tor">
  85. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.non_tor "Non-Tor">
  86. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.restore_tor "On session restored startup, set Tor state to:">
  87. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.startup_tor "On browser startup, set Tor state to:">
  88. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.reload_crashed_jar "Reload cookie jar/clear cookies on Firefox crash (recommended)">
  89. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.dual_cookie_jars "Store both Tor and Non-Tor cookies in protected jars (dangerous)">
  90. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.clear_http_auth "Clear HTTP auth sessions (recommended)">
  91. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.block_js_history "Isolate access to history navigation to Tor state (crucial)">
  92. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.resize_on_toggle "Resize windows to multiples of 50px during Tor usage (recommended)">
  93. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.close_tor "Close all Tor windows and tabs on toggle (optional)">
  94. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.close_nontor "Close all Non-Tor windows and tabs on toggle (optional)">
  95. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.block_links "Block link clicks and page reloads from different Tor states (optional)">
  96. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.jar_certs "Store SSL certs in seperate jars for Tor/Non-Tor (recommended)">
  97. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.jar_ca_certs "Store CA certs in seperate jars for Tor/Non-Tor (recommended)">
  98. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.locked_mode "Disable Button and Hotkeys to prevent accidental toggle">
  99. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.startup_state "On normal startup, set Tor state to:">
  100. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.shutdown_state "Shutdown state">
  101. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.startup "Startup">
  102. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.block_tor_file_net "Block Tor access to network from file:// urls (recommended)">
  103. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.block_nontor_file_net "Block Non-Tor access to network from file:// urls">
  104. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.restore_defaults "Restore Defaults">
  105. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.test_settings "Test Settings">
  106. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.test_auto "Test my Tor settings after the first time I toggle on every Firefox start">
  107. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.disable_livemarks "Disable livemarks updates during Tor usage">
  108. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.tor_memory_jar "Do not write Tor cookies to disk">
  109. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.nontor_memory_jar "Do not write Non-Tor cookies to disk">
  110. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.session_restore "Have the session store save and restore these tabs:">
  111. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.nontor_tabs "Tabs loaded in Non-Tor">
  112. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.tor_tabs "Tabs loaded in Tor">
  113. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.socks_vfour "SOCKS v4">
  114. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.socks_vfive "SOCKS v5">
  115. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.no_proxies_on "No Proxies for: ">
  116. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.no_proxy_warning "Warning: Avoid using any hostnames above">
  117. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.spoofreresh "Spoof Refresh">
  118. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.refereroptions "Referer Spoofing Options">
  119. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.nospoof "Do not spoof referer">
  120. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.spoofroot "Spoof the containing folder of the page">
  121. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.spoofdomain "Spoof the domain as referer">
  122. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.spoofblank "Make referer blank">
  123. <!ENTITY torbutton.cookiedialog.title "Manage Cookie Protections">
  124. <!ENTITY torbutton.cookiedialog.lockCol "Protected">
  125. <!ENTITY torbutton.cookiedialog.domainCol "Host">
  126. <!ENTITY torbutton.cookiedialog.nameCol "Name">
  127. <!ENTITY torbutton.cookiedialog.pathCol "Path">
  128. <!ENTITY torbutton.cookiedialog.protectCookie "Protect Cookie">
  129. <!ENTITY torbutton.cookiedialog.removeCookie "Remove Cookie">
  130. <!ENTITY torbutton.cookiedialog.unprotectCookie "Unprotect Cookie">
  131. <!ENTITY torbutton.cookiedialog.removeAllBut "Remove All But Protected">
  132. <!ENTITY torbutton.cookiedialog.saveAllCookies "Protect New Cookies">
  133. <!ENTITY torbutton.cookiedialog.doNotSaveAllCookies "Do Not Protect New Cookies">
  134. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.disable_livemarks "Disable Livemark updates during Tor usage">
  135. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.dtd_recommended "(recommended)">
  136. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.dtd_optional "(optional)">
  137. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.dtd_crucial "(crucial)">
  138. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.update_torbutton_via_tor "Redirect Torbutton updates through Tor">
  139. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.dodge_google_captcha "Automatically use an alternate search engine when presented with a Google Captcha:">
  140. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.engine1 "">
  141. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.engine2 "">
  142. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.engine3 "">
  143. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.engine4 "">
  144. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.engine5 "">
  145. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.transparentTor "Transparent Torification (Requires custom transproxy or Tor router)">
  146. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.block_disk "Don't record browsing history or website data (enables Private Browsing Mode)">
  147. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.restrict_thirdparty "Restrict third party cookies and other tracking data">
  148. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.block_plugins "Disable browser plugins (such as Flash)">
  149. <!ENTITY torbutton.prefs.resist_fingerprinting "Change details that distinguish you from other Tor Browser users">