Commit History

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  Nick Mathewson d44e53a7eb Merge proposal 204 into addr-spec.txt 2 years ago
  Roger Dingledine 06cf12f86e Resume documenting the dot-noconnect syntax 8 years ago
  Sebastian Hahn 2e1d1256e3 Change Natd into NATD in our options. 8 years ago
  Roger Dingledine 0b411996a9 changelog and spec changes for the .exit fix 10 years ago
  Jacob Appelbaum c148e13154 LetsKillNoConnect removes support for .noconnect 10 years ago
  Sebastian Hahn 6bd09d5076 Remove all svn metadata minus what I missed. 10 years ago
  Roger Dingledine b7f5a34928 update and integrate proposals 125 (bridges) and 137 (bootstrap status) 11 years ago
  Andrew Lewman 3a34db931f And more places with the wrong url, now updated. 11 years ago
  Roger Dingledine 5fa805451f one day we might want to document the .virtual address 12 years ago
  Roger Dingledine f8a6bf6571 more cleanups, including a shiny new XXX012 12 years ago
  Nick Mathewson fa7d3fa6b1 r11644@Kushana: nickm | 2006-12-19 14:07:17 -0500 12 years ago