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Nick Mathewson 422ca3d2ed Merge remote-tracking branch 'dgoulet/ticket21871_01' 4 years ago
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bridgedb-spec.txt 38d3292b94 Move bridgedb.git:/doc/bridge-db-spec.txt → torspec.git:/bridgedb-spec.txt. 7 years ago
cert-spec.txt bd8b94b191 cert-spec: Clarify certificate types 4 years ago
control-spec.txt 1412d79159 control: Add to HS_DESC event the QUERY_NO_HSDIR reason 4 years ago
dir-spec.txt 1fad82ef68 Merge remote-tracking branch 'dgoulet/ticket22060_01' 4 years ago
gettor-spec.txt 1df7683217 Tiny fix in the second sentence from Overview section in gettor-spec.txt 8 years ago
glossary.txt 21caa46a1f small edits and tweaks 4 years ago
guard-spec.txt 839b016875 fix two simple typos 4 years ago
padding-spec.txt 0803997076 At long last, a padding specification appears. 5 years ago
path-spec.txt b729833bef Explain more about primary guards and about building circuits 4 years ago
pt-spec.txt 0ef45b97b1 Rewrite the existing PT spec to be not Tor specific. 5 years ago
rend-spec.txt 7e72cb0bd2 rend-spec.txt: Stealth auth generates privkeys not pubkeys. 4 years ago
socks-extensions.txt 5b875a19f2 socks-extensions: we do not in fact ignore usernames 7 years ago
srv-spec.txt 2a79aed091 Make srv-spec.txt look more like a spec file. 4 years ago
tor-fw-helper-spec.txt 43c37b1113 Make tor-fw-helper port-purpose-agnostic. 9 years ago
tor-spec.txt 2ffe30f0ef Merge remote-tracking branch 'mikeperry/padding_spec' 4 years ago
version-spec.txt 460ab170f2 Remove incorrect definition of lexical order. 9 years ago